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About Us

Personalized Intuitive Guidance

Introducing a new way to discern and make life changing decisions

Our goal is to help others begin using their better judgement and guiding them through making intuitive decisions no matter the situation. Intuitive decisions in everyday life. 

Bringing an ancient way of thinking back to life

 Intuitive Success

Following your inuition should be a way of living,  but most of us have lost our natural innate instinct of trusting ourselves and our  choices. Inuitive consulting reinvents the way we perceive options and reintroduces the minds eye of our higher selves.

We have all been in a situation where our “gut” was telling us we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and then finding out later on how lucky we were to have left that place. Well that’s no coincidence,  that’s your intuition. You instinctly knew to leave and did so just to find out it was for your best interest. Imagine being able to implement that same instinctual feeling into everyday decisions to get the  best results from your choices? That’s what we aim to teach you as well as guide you in choices through consultations using our own sense of discernment.

Intuition isn’t a magic trick or gimmick, it’s quite literally our natural instinct of discernment. We develope it through having trust in our own abilities of making good decisions in our life based on how strongly we feel about it, and knowing what we are feeling in regards to explaining a response from our environment. It’s exercising your better judgement and the ability to consult with your higher self. Learning how to tune into yourself and excommunicate the noises around your scenerio will help you to center a better understanding on your own instinctual intuitive abilities.

Features & Services

Balancing and Grounding

We offer intuitive grounding sessions so you can tune in to your higher self quickly when in the midst of having to make a decision. 

Everyday Guidance

We offer our own intuitive advice in regards to your daily decision making and introduce concepts to help you develop your own abilities of discernment.

Long-term and Short-term Services

We can crop and cater to services and fetures based off your own unique demands and necessities. This includes anything from servicing you with advice and fresh perspectives on specific situations to helping you develop your own intution.

Intuitive Support

We offer support with any and all situations you might need advice or guidance in. Whether we are using our own abilities to help you or if we are teaching you to harness your own, we offer you support where you feel you need it most.